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My love of dogs and cats

Posted by DogPatch on May 11, 2009 at 12:09 PM Comments comments (0)

Our animals are our best friends. We love them very much and provide everything that they need with great passion and devotion. It is hard to describe the feelings that you have when your "best friend" does those little things that show their respect for you, like sitting on command or waiting tentatively and patiently for that  treat.  

My DogPatch    

We have a passion to rescue abandoned animals and made a website about our personal rescue mission. My DogPatch is what we call our dogs and cats, so it seems like the best name for our rescue site.  We post photos and stories on My DogPatch, while keeping up with the latest health news and best links to related sites.  My DogPatch is a social network for dog's and cat's best friends.  It has a Member's Forum, where pet owners can meet and socialize with others.  

Billy was valuable to our family.

I have always loved animals, and my family always had a dog when I was growing up. But there were 2 things that made me realize how valuable a good dog is to every family.  The first thing was when our shephard, Billy, saved my 9 year old son from drowning. While on a family outing at the river, my son was caught in an undercurrent that swiftly pulled him downstream and to the opposite side of the river that we were on.   The thing that made me look up and realize it was happening was the sight of our german sheppard, Billy, swimming swiftly past me to get to our son on the other side.  I watched in horror as my son went underwater, just before Billy got to him.  My horror turned to amazement (and awe) when I saw Billy drag my son back to safety.  That dog just saved my son's life right before our eyes. Billy became my hero at that moment.

Sue, a male dog.

The second thing that made me love and respect dogs was my Dad's adopted male dog, named Sue.  My Dad had an eye disease that slowly took his eye sight.  Before he went totally blind, he was very active.  When his vision was gone, he was able to continue his daily life with Sue's help,  who just showed up at our house one day.  Sue was friendly and we liked him, but we knew that he belonged to someone else.  So reluctantly, we went house to house, until we found his owner and returned him. The next day, Sue was back at our house, again. We returned him again and again, but he kept coming back.  His owner decided to give him to us, because of his obvious love for my Dad.  A few months after that, our house sold and we moved to the mountains, taking Sue with us.  He stayed by my Dad's side always, almost like he was guarding him from danger.   Sue saved my Dad's life by killing a deadly snake, that was on the path that my Dad followed on his daily walk.  My Dad could not see the snake and would not have known it was there, if not for Sue.  Sue became so protective of my Dad, that he bit my cousin one day, as she stepped inside our house. We know that he was being protective of Dad and he thought that my cousin posed a threat, but we were afraid to keep him after that.   Through a friend that was a police officer, we gave Sue to a local police department, where he worked until he died.  After giving up Sue, my Dad received three different seeing eye dogs.  My respect for cannines increased even more from watching those guide dogs with my Dad. They are truly amazing!     


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